Flate Rate | Maintenance Prices

Informative price list for consultation with estimated values for the completion of certain common maintenance tasks on Outboard Engines 2 and 4 strokes and Inboards Engines as well Propulsion Units (Transoms and Drives)

Outboards 2 and 4 Strokes

Inboard Engines | Transoms | Drives

1 – Fractional hour values, necessary to complete the tasks described based on 41,50€ labor hour cost
2 – Minimum fraction of cost / hour taxable = 1/2 hour
3 – Fixed amount to be added if requested by the customer or necessary to diagnose engines and print reports with a computer support 68,00 €.
4 – The time required to clean any material, paint or extract broken or calcined screws, as well as the material to be applied to complete the tasks, aren’t included on this tables.
5 – Values are valid for tasks performed in our facilities, elsewhere we will add an additional 20%.
6 – Values subject to the current VAT rate.
7 – Valid values under the condition of the material needed to complete the tasks to be provided by us.
8 – All prices shown are for information purposes only and are updated at 02-01-2024