Especially for you who likes to feel security and trust in your leisure equipment here you can see our service options we have available to them in specific areas of maintenance and repair mechanical, antifouling paintings, land transport and boat storage.
We carry out the mechanical maintenance and repairs of your equipment, the anti-fouling paints of your boat, land transport and storage in a closed warehouse, if you are looking for parts for your engine, click here for the parts catalogue and then submit us a quote request.

Nautical | Maintenance | Repair

We provide technical assistance of superior quality due to the vast basic and advanced knowledge that has placed us at a very high level in the universe of marine engine maintenance, a condition that regulates and ensures the durability and reliability of your equipment over the years.

Due to our capacity and long experience acquired, the technique we use, the means and resources we have and knowledge aquired, we guarantee that only an understanding, interested, organized and mainly responsible maintenance can make the diference and avoid surprises on board.

Trust on us your boat the truly maintenance or repair of marine engines is on much superior level that can only be performed perfectly by those who have the knowledge, experience, means, techniques and especially the taste for the profession. Check for your information our Flate Rate price list.

We carry out full repair or simple maintenance on many others brands beyond MERCURY | MERCRUISER also on the following brands: Mariner, Selva Marine, Tohatsu, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Johnson and Evinrude and also on these Inboards engine brands : Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Omc, Pleasurecraft Marine

We also repair all types of combustion engines, including lawn mowers, generators, motor pumps and chainsaws.

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Antifouling Paints

Because antifouling paints have the main purpose protecting adequately your hull against marine encrustations that causes the lost of performance and underload power engine, it does not mean that there’s no technique for its application, besides the product quality to be applied is fundamental because although we don’t want to believe but in the market there are some products for different purposes with different qualities that provide more or less good results, generally the expensive product is directly related to a good product quality, for this simple reason we do not publish pre-determined values for antifouling paints type (X mt / X Euros) , it doesn’t seem right to us.

Send your message to us to get a quote and to know the money you will spend. Get what we need, inform us about the type application you will need, we will suggest you the best product to the case, tell us the boat length, the boat beam, the hull material type and if it will be a start first application or an replacement paint, also think about the drive unit if applicable.

The products we prefer to apply are from INTERNATIONAL PAINTS.

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Boat Transportation by Road

We transport your boat by road w/ or w/o trailer to and from any part of the country with the water placement or removal service at fair prices.

If you want to know how much a service provided by us may cost, ask us for a quote. Because the prices vary a lot depending on the routes to be taken you must keep in mind that we doesn’t set fixed prices but rather fair prices.

Send us your message, give us the variables such as boat type, overall weight, length, beam, whether has trailer or not, location where it’s and where you want transport.

We do not carry out boat transport which the trailer is necessary for land transportation but it is in poor condition or doesn’t have legal documentation, we also limit the service to boats that exceed the following requirements:

  • max 5 ton. weight
  • max 10 mt lenght
  • max 2,60 mt beam
  • max 3,60 mt height
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Boat Storage

Boat Storage in closed warehouse for predefined periods we have 5 storage options that will can reduced values in function of the annual maintenance adjudication or not. Please read all 5 options as well other terms and conditions by clicking on button”CONDITIONS“:

  • Annual Storage Special offer price tax € 4,90 mt²*
  • Annual Storage w/ boat maintenance assigned tax € 5,36 mt²*
  • Annual Storage w/o boat maintenance assigned tax € 6,12 mt²*
  • 9 months Boat Storage w/boat maintenance assigned tax € 6,38 mt² *
  • 9 months Boat Storage w/o boat maintenance assigned tax € 7,40 mt²*
  • 6 months Boat Storage tax  € 7,65 mt²*

We don’t storage boats :

  • For its characteristics of intensive use they require the opening of the warehouse daily
  • We don’t have definite functioning schedule therefore we don’t accept boat storages that needs the warehouse open at dawn or at evening
  • We will always give priority to storage boats that normally Winterize in winter

* Rates valid from 2-1-2020 Vat Excluded

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Vacuum Tech | Repair | Maintenance

This is an area of operation that we develop in parallel to the Nautical activity, where we operate in the fields of technical assistance, maintenance, repair and supply of low and high vacuum equipment, oil-sealed or dry rotary vacuum pumps, diffusion pumps, root pumps, freeze dryers.

We supply all types of consumables such as:

  • Oils for rotary and diffusion vacum pumps
  • Diaphragm and ball valves
  • Inlet and outlet filters
  •   Stainless steel and aluminum accessories
  •   Gaskets, Centering Rings, Clamps
  •   Flexible and Rigid Tubes
  •   Measuring Equipment Pirani, Pening, Vacustat, Barocell
  •   Rotary or diffusion vacumm pumps
  •   Roots Pumps
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