About Us

Because you have not yet had the opportunity to visit António M. R. Guerra may be thinking at this moment that this’s another young company among many others.

But no, in fact António M. R. Guerra is a micro company with 41 historical experience in the recreational and professional nautical branch of the Portugal market, for this reason having a very deep knowledge about the area that puts at your disposal and service.

On the market since 1988, working full time 365 days a year, we are pleased and proud that over the years we have passed on credibility and confidence to those who have visited us, resulting in this conduct, the choice of our services preferably.

Technical Passport
Premier Technical Sevice

Our development and services project is based solely and exclusively on the best practices of good quality of service, transparency and seriousness, as we are certain that this position is an essential condition for achieving new future goals. More confidence, more credibility, transparency and better quality of services are the benefits that we have been reaping from the choice of this conduct.

Our working method focuses solely and exclusively on the good quality of the programmed technical assistance in order to minimize as much as possible yours sea bad experience.

With the advancement of technologies, we need to be at the forefront in the updating process, so we attend all training courses to which we are invited, therefore holding a wide range of training certificates.

Thus and following our evaluation criteria those components of your engine that appear to be in good working condition are analyzed by us in the professional manner that the equipment manufacturer stipulates.
António M. R. Guerra is a Official certified dealer
BRUNSWICKMARINE EMEA products “Premier Technical Sevice” with a technical Passaport valid and certificate issued by Touron SA.